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Modern Bamboo Sculpture

Circles and Harmony Asian Art Museum – San FranciscoArtist: Shiotsuki Juran (b. 1948) KyushuMediums: Bamboo (madake) and rattanTechniques: Comb Plaiting, Thousand line constructionDimensions: H. 19 in x W 23 in x L 28 1/4 in.Photographer: Kaz Tsuruta....

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Bamboo Baskets

ASIAN ART MUSEUM - SAN FRANCISCO MASTERS OF BAMBOO EXHIBIT JAPANESE BASKETS AND SCULPTURE IN THE COTSEN COLLECTION Name: Flower Basket, Ruminations, approx. 1998 Artist: Noguchi Ranposai (b. 1923) Kansai region - active in Kyoto Mediums: Bamboo (madake) and rattan...

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Bamboo Cutting Boards

There are so many cool cutting boards out there! Here's a running list of bamboo cutting boards from the traditional to the totally tricked out.   More to come as I find them so be sure to check back often.You can click on each photo for a larger view. Classic Bamboo...

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Bamboo Massage

Have you ever had a bamboo massage?   There’s a wonderful technique offered in spas that incorporates warmed bamboo tools to loosen tight muscles and release the nasty knots we all suffer with from time to time. The idea behind bamboo massage is similar to stone...

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Bamboo The Lucky Plant

What makes bamboo lucky? The notion of bamboo bringing good luck into the home dates back to over 3000 years ago (some sources say 6000+ years) in China and to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a very cool subject that’s worth a lifetime of study but...

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Cooking With Bamboo

Have you ever thought about cooking with Bamboo? It has a mild flavor and a bit of a crunch.  If you cook with fresh bamboo it needs preparation to get rid of the bitter flavor. Save loads of time by buying canned bamboo in the ethnic cooking aisle of any grocery...

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Before You Buy Bamboo Fabrics

How can you tell if your bamboo bedding, towels, or clothes are still bamboo?   Bamboo fabrics are more popular than ever and with good reason! There are many healthy benefits associated with bamboo bed sheets, towels and clothes. While many of these products are...

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What’s So Great About Bamboo?

Bamboo is an amazing plant, a grass actually. In tropical areas where bamboo grows in abundance, it has been used for thousands of years for making many things due not only to its durability but also its ready availability. In fact, its incredible popularity in recent...

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