Bamboo Shower Floor Mat – 18 x 24 Inches


ALL BAMBOO: This high-quality shower mat is made of pure bamboo, a strong material that feels smooth under your bare feet. Less expensive and lighter than a teak shower floor mat.

NON-SLIP MAT: With its 10 rubber pegs, this shower mat will stay firmly in place, making it safe and keeping your bathroom or entrance neat.

SLATS: Multiple slats allow the water to drain so you won’t have water pooling at your feet. (When finished using, place in upright position to allow the underside to dry quickly.)

FOLDABLE: Hinges make this mat foldable for storage and travel.

OUTDOORS OR INDOORS: Use for your patio, pool area, home spa, or bath. It’s easy to clean too!

GREAT FOR TRAVEL: RVs and outdoor showers become more comfortable and sanitary. Foldable, well-sized, and sturdy.

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