Bamboo Massage

Bamboo Massage

Have you ever had a bamboo massage?


There’s a wonderful technique offered in spas that incorporates warmed bamboo tools to loosen tight muscles and release the nasty knots we all suffer with from time to time.

The idea behind bamboo massage is similar to stone massage however, rather than hot stones, different lengths of solid and hollow bamboo sticks are used to release the deep-down tension in the muscles. These tools can either be heated or used at room temperature.

Much like stone massage, masseuses will knead the muscles with their hands and then use bamboo tools to give a deeper treatment on knots. Not only is this method effective in soothing tight muscles, it also helps decrease the stress to the masseuse’s hands and arms.

Nathalie Cecilia of Bamboo Fusion is credited for developing the technique of using warmed bamboo canes in massage therapy. She needed a way to help counter the pain and fatigue in her own hands that came from doing the numerous deep-tissue massages that her clients were requesting.

It is a very therapeutic method that she now teaches to others. It’s not only more effective for the recipient of the massage but also healthier for the practitioner’s hands and arms.


No matter where you live there’s a spa near you that offers this specialized massage treatment.

Here are just a few links to get you started:



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If you’d like to get your own bamboo tools, check out these places:


Bamboo Fusion

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