Bamboo Massage Sticks with Electric Warmer and Bag- Portable 8pc Set


This Portable Bamboo Massage Kit helps reduce pain from arthritis, stiff muscles & injuries to the deep tissue of the skin.

INCLUDES HEATING BAG: The electric hot bamboo massage warmer set comes w/ a lightweight energy-efficient storage / travel bag case that doubles as stone/bamboo sticks heater oven. Designed to comfortably hold all 8 included bamboo massage sticks

100% SOLID BAMBOO STICKS: Includes 8 bamboo massage sticks that retain heat for up to 30mins. The longer bamboo sticks are used for large areas to knead the muscles and to stretch fascia. The shorter tools are used for small areas and deeper work

WATERLESS HEATING: Doesn’t need water during the heating process. Simply put stones/bamboo sticks into the bag & just plug in & set your temperature/time. Quickly heats up the rocks/bamboo sticks from 20-30 minutes depending on the intensity required

TIME & TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: Features wired temperature controller unit with selectable temperature setting. Optional temperature setting is 70-160 °F. Perfect choice for home use and travel. Ideal for athletes, home care, and therapeutic spa centers


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