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Hi, I’m Jess.  Welcome to my website VeryBamboo.com.

Bamboo has gained enormous popularity lately and clever new products are popping up every day. There’s no end to the diversity of things being made from bamboo and much cooler than the original touristy type stuff of my childhood.

My interest in bamboo started in Colorado (of all places) when I was a kid. My parents were building a small house in the mountains which meant we were there every freaking weekend!  Being children, my younger sister and I could only find so much to do year after year so to get out of being our parents unpaid construction assistants (LOL) we got very creative looking for activities.

One of our favorite things to do was to play by a stream down the hill from the house. Every summer, bamboo grass would grow along the water’s edge. Colorado bamboo is much smaller than any grown in the tropics so it was easy for my sister and me to gather it up. We would take apart the little hollow reed sections and reassemble them into necklaces and bracelets. We thought it was the coolest thing!

Because bamboo is a grass, when our jewelry dried up our little fashion accessories became a skeleton of brown fibers. That’s ok though, because it kept right on growing by that stream and over the years we created even more elaborate art designs although very temporary ones.

My curiosity was reawakened when I began hearing folks talk about bamboo sheets and towels. What the heck is Viscose anyway? So I started to research the different production processes out there and wow were my eyes opened to a cluster of lies in the fabric industry! There are many myths as well as many benefits to bamboo fabrics but how can you tell the difference? I initially built this website to help people become aware of how the process really works and what to look for before you lay out your hard earned cash on a set of sheets. The site has continued to expand from there.

VeryBamboo.com is also about bamboo art, architecture, building materials, cooking, decorating, fashion, gadgets, and things made from bamboo that I didn’t even know existed until recently. There are some truly fun and inventive products out there!

I hope you will enjoy your visit here at VeryBamboo.com. Be sure to let me know if there’s something you’re interested in that I haven’t covered by contacting me on the Contact Page.

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