Signature Bamboo Collection Sheet Set // Ivory


The Signature Bamboo Collection is crafted with threads made of 100% viscose rayon from sustainably-sourced bamboo. Because of its strength, durability and versatility, bamboo has been used in everything from structural elements in construction to corsets and clothing. The sheets are extremely soft, totally hypoallergenic, and naturally wick away moisture to help you sleep more comfortably through the night.

Bamboo is also an sustainable and eco-friendly material. It can be grown on land that is normally unsuitable for forestry and other applications, and since it’s technically a grass, the roots stay in place and new chutes start to grow right after they’ve been harvested – some species even come back stronger when they’ve been cut once.

Once the Bamboo has been harvested, it can be converted into Bamboo viscose. This requires a patented machine process that shaves down the Bamboo into a soft fiber which is then converted to pulp through Enzymatic Hydrolysis, creating ultra-soft fabric that retains the moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic properties of the bamboo. Once the pulp has gone through this process, it is then dried and used to form the threads used in these sheets.

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