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Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Standard Size. Eco Friendly, Handcrafted, Standard Size Design by TrioGato

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  • HANDCRATED WIRLESS WOODEN BAMBOO KEYBOARD & MOUSE with a unique, stylish and elegant look. Natural and Eco–friendly
  • STANDARD SIZE & DESIGN: 3 KEY PADS offering a stylish and comfortable experience
  • COMFORTABLE TYPING EXPERIENCE using bamboo key caps, providing a smooth and natural wood experience. Stain resistant by gloss coating
  • STURDY & DURABLE: Provides a life span of over 50 million operations. Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000, MAC OS, Linux and Android
  • PLUG AND PLAY WIRELESS: 2.4 GHz Bluetooth wireless connection with a single USB receiver for connecting both the keyboard and mouse. Long transmission range – up to 30 ft
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Additional information

Product Dimensions

18.5 x 6.3 x 1.1 inches

Item Weight

2.84 pounds



Date First Available

April 4, 2019

4 reviews for Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Standard Size. Eco Friendly, Handcrafted, Standard Size Design by TrioGato

  1. Geoffrey

    For the price, this keyboard and mouse combo is quite good. I have a few complaints, but they’re probably a side effect of the fact that it’s made from bamboo. Let’s go over the negatives, then the positives:

    Negatives: the “legs” aren’t particularly long. I like to tilt my keyboard up quite a bit, and I found the legs inadequate for thus, and they were kind of flimsy. I solved this by buying a triangle-shaped keyboard raiser thingy that attaches to the bottom, and now it works great.
    The “door” on the back of the keyboard to house the batteries and dongle is a bit dodgy. I don’t imagine this would stay shut if I travelled much with it.

    Now the positives:
    It’s a wood keyboard and mouse! At a good price!
    No cracks in the wood, seems pretty durable thus far.
    Keyboard has a good tactile feel
    I thought the mouse buttons looked dodgy at first, but after using it I see I was mistaken – they work quite well.
    It is eye-catching and pretty to look at, and the sensation of typing on wood is unmatched.

    Good buy – despite the door and the legs, I feel it was a really good value for my money. I’ve gone through numerous keyboards in the last year trying to find one I really liked. This one is a keeper.

  2. hard to impress

    Just got it. This guy who had paid thousands of dollars to learn how to build houses out of garbage was passing through town, and I think I went up a lot in his opinion, even after I explained that the basic parts were still metal and plastic and such on the inside.

    Anyway, mostly happy with it. Keys all work as far as I can tell; the travel/response on the space-bar feels weak and almost kind of clatters. But otherwise, just a slightly different keyboard to adjust to, and the coolness factor is a major +. Not saving the planet with it, but kinda indicating we sorta maybe want the planet to keep going?

    Note that there are two versions, one FULL-SIZE with the arrow keys in a column between the main set of keys and the keypad, and another with them all squished together.

    Oh — don’t forget to buy some high quality AAA (that’s AAA, not AA!) rechargeable batteries. Mouse takes two, keyboard takes two. Saves you money in the long run, and if you want to reduce your impact on the planet, probably is a good move (although rechargeables are more resource-intensive to produce, so I dunno the real impact).

  3. Dan

    Good looking keyboard, but some of the laser etched characters are not highlighted. Difficult to see. The mouse is quirky and sometimes hard to control. I found that taking off the battery compartment cover rectifies this problem. Seller offered me a refund, but shipping costs was on me which I perceive as punitive in nature for their lack of quality control. Someone should have noticed the character key flaws before packaging. Under the circumstances, I would consider this product overpriced. Three stars because it is a great looking keyboard. Addendum: After two weeks of light home use, and fresh batteries, the mouse stopped working altogether.

    Update: The seller was gracious enough to send me a complete new set at no additional cost. Definitely a class act! The new keyboard looks great and the keys are highlighted nicely on this one. 5 stars for customer service. Highly recommend this seller who made certain I was a satisfied customer.

  4. W. S. Pirotte Pa

    I bought this keyboard solely because I detest the ridiculous little thin wafers that EVERYONE sells now and actually BRAG about as if human beings need to exert less physical effort and experience less tactile stimulation in something. People are not stupid. Marketing people are. But enough about me.
    1. Box within box packing with NO bubble wrap, bubble pad, newspaper, stuffing etc was careless at a level which indicates real malice on the part of someone. All the in transit slamming did not damage the keyboard, which may indicate this is indeed very high quality.
    2. The action is a little weird, but, come on, I bought a Microsoft ergo keyboard which is literally useless until I do major surgery on the space bar…and people are still buying it. “Break in period” on the action is almost instantaneous.
    3. Contrary to some reviews, the mouse is NOT fragile, clumsy, or apt to break. It is about half way between the human kind of mouse and the lower profile ones in size.
    4. If the documentation were any briefer, the Company would ask YOU how the thing works. Thankfully, it works great, and a monkey who drank two beers can still install everything.
    5. At this price point, batteries should have been included, but I had some on hand so what the hey
    6. It is too bad that I am a recluse, because the keyboard and mouse (and surprise bamboo pen) look so cool that I bet the boss’s wife would absolutely sleep with me

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